Dancing Together Across the Globe

Virtual Workshop and Launch – 11th November 5pm CET/4pm UK/11am EST

This pandemic has been devastating for the dance world, for the art form and particularly for dancers – the effects have made us question every aspect of dance from our practical ways of working, how to maintain a healthy body and mind in confinement to creating digitally and communicating the human experience and emotions through a virtual screen. Dancers have displayed their ingenious and pioneering spirit to overcome the physical barriers and come together on line to celebrate their connection and passion for dance.

However its perhaps even more essential in these unprecedented times to use this opportunity to take a journey inwards – to focus on the ‘inner’ work of dance, the mind, the attention, the breath, our energy quality that we so rarely have such time for in our demanding schedules. More than ever its the time to strengthen our inner resources and explore practical attentional techniques that harness the potential of a new frontier ‘behind the eye’.

In the virtual workshop 11th November, we will explore some mindful attentional tools that you’ll be able to take away and implement directly to strengthen your own dance practice – mind and body. You’ll notice some immediate benefits such as enhanced balance, increased pirouette speed, improved jump height, reduced effort and renewed energy and importantly, joy as we approach our habitual movements with fresh attention.

Dancers will be joining from across the globe, coming together with the Finnish National Ballet team in this celebratory workshop from as far away as Canada and the US to France, Sweden and the UK all uniting in our common passion for continual personal growth through dance. Join with us in this free introductory workshop and in the exploration of this new frontier for dance. Registration.


Attention and Focus in Dance‘ – is a perfect companion for just such a reflective journey inwards. Its a practical “how to” book for dancers and teachers that presents a smorgasbord of attention and focus techniques to choose from, mental training ideas and mindful explorations for dance to to try quietly alone in the space of your own home.

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