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Attention and Focus Strategies for Dance Educators Online Resource and Course

Developing students’ focus, motivation and attentional skills

Attention and Focus Strategies for Dance Educators Online Resource and Course provides dance educators with attentional focus strategies and tools to improve their delivery of dance technique. The on line workbook and course provides highly effective teaching tools to use in dance instruction for a range of skill levels and learning abilities. Through a series of practical explorations, the resource brings theory to life as it helps teachers focus their delivery and instruction to develop the attention of their students and promote optimum movement outcomes and learning for all. Teachers will be equipped with effective cuing and feedback tools and learn attentional focus strategies to enhance their students’ technique, creativity, artistry, and performance.

Resource Table of Contents

Welcome and Introduction

Module 1. Focus of Attention—Exploring Focus of Attention and Its Role in Dance Practice

Module 2. Comparing Internal and External Focus of Attention—How an External Focus of Attention Can Support Learning and Enhance Physical Performance

Module 3. External Focus Teaching Strategies—Exploring a Rich Spectrum of Teaching Possibilities

Module 4. Applying External Focus of Attention to Enhance Performance—The Key to Unlocking Students’ Optimal Performance Potential

Module 5. Promoting Inclusion Through External Focus of Attention—Welcoming Diverse Learners and Skills Levels With the Support of an External Focus of Attention


Comprehensive Quiz

Facilitator’s Guide

Five Professional Development Modules

The resource consists of five web-based professional development modules. Each module ends with a short “knowledge check” quiz, and a comprehensive quiz wraps up the course.

Upon completion, participants can download a certificate to submit to their administrators for up to twelve hours of professional development credit.

Each module takes 60 to 90 minutes to work through. Teachers can dip in and out of modules for inspiration or work through the modules at their own pace, or education directors or education district coordinators can deliver the course in a two-day workshop, either in person or virtually.

For those facilitating the course, there is a digital facilitator guide that offers descriptions, pacing, timing, and delivery recommendations for each module as well as module-specific tips, prompts for discussions, and optional further learning activities.

Upon completion of the course, teachers will have developed the following abilities:

• Be aware of the different types of focus of attention and be able to identify their associated physical and mental benefits.

• Know how to use a specific focus of attention to improve foundational movement skills.

• Be able to consciously promote appropriate attentional options as part of a systematic teaching strategy.

• Understand how to develop focus of attention strategies to support the delivery of social and emotional learning (SEL) core competencies.

• Know practical tools and complementary strategies to immediately apply to teaching.

Attention and Focus Strategies for Dance Educators Online Resource and Course

Clare Guss-West with David Leventhal

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